Database Architecture

Our approach to database architecture is centered around understanding your business needs and designing a database structure that not only meets today's demands but is also prepared for future growth. With a focus on optimizing data storage, retrieval, and security, our team ensures that your data works for you, powering your applications efficiently and effectively. Discover how our expertise in database architecture can transform your data into a valuable asset, driving insights and innovation across your organization.

What Makes Us Different?

At Altered Digital, we harness the power of ObjectSight alongside our sophisticated middle-tier software to redefine efficiency in building and managing business objects and data. ObjectSight streamlines the translation between the database and our applications. Meanwhile, our middle-tier software acts as the backbone of this process, facilitating seamless data processing and integration. This powerful combination allows us to construct robust business objects and load data with unparalleled efficiency, ensuring our solutions are not only fast and reliable but also perfectly tailored to meet the unique needs of each business. By optimizing these critical components, we empower businesses to leverage their data more effectively, unlocking new levels of productivity and insight.

Our Process

At Altered Digital, we've honed a refined and strategic process for database architecture development that's as efficient as it is effective. Starting with a deep dive into your business's unique needs, moving through meticulous planning and robust development, to continuous support post-deployment, our approach ensures that your database not only meets but exceeds the demands of your digital landscape. Let's explore how our methodical steps lead to the creation of scalable, secure, and high-performance database solutions tailored specifically for you.

Requirements Analysis

At Altered Digital, our process for developing database architecture is meticulously crafted to ensure robust, scalable, and secure solutions that align with our clients' specific business needs and objectives. It begins with an initial consultation where we delve deep into understanding your requirements, followed by a thorough assessment of existing data structures to gauge integration and migration scopes.

Planning and Design

The next step involves planning and designing a database architecture that supports both current and future business goals. During this phase, we focus on creating detailed data models to visualize the relationships, data flow, and structures, ensuring optimal efficiency and integrity.

Development & Implementation

As we move into development and implementation, our team sets up the database environment, including servers and storage, in accordance with the designed architecture. We then proceed to build the database schema, optimizing tables, relationships, constraints, and indexes for performance. Parallelly, we utilize ObjectSight and our advanced middle-tier software to develop an efficient business logic layer, allowing for seamless interaction with the database.

Data Migration & Integration

Data migration and integration are critical stages where existing data is prepared, cleansed, and migrated to the new system with utmost care to maintain accuracy and integrity. We ensure the new database integrates flawlessly with existing applications and systems, promoting smooth data flow and accessibility.

Testing & Optimization

Testing and optimization form the next crucial steps, where the database is rigorously tested for performance, security, and stability. This phase helps in identifying and fine-tuning the database, queries, and indexes to achieve the best possible efficiency.


The deployment phase is approached with a clear strategy, including safety measures like rollback plans, to ensure a smooth transition to the new database system. Post-deployment, we engage in continuous monitoring and regular updates to maintain the database's performance and security.

Maintenance and Support

We continuously monitor the database for performance, security, and health. Regularly apply updates and patches to ensure the database stays secure and performs well. We also provide ongoing technical support for any arising issues or necessary adjustments.

API Development

Core Services

At the heart of digital connectivity, Altered Digital’s API development services ensure seamless software interactions. We craft custom APIs that act as vital communication channels between your web and mobile applications, facilitating efficient and secure data exchange.

Customization and Security

Each API we develop is tailor-made, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific business needs while emphasizing security and scalability. Our approach is designed to support your digital ecosystem's growth, with a keen focus on RESTful APIs, SOAP services, and GraphQL APIs.

Enhanced Functionality

Our APIs are more than just connectors; they are gateways to enhanced functionality and improved user experiences. By enabling your applications to communicate flawlessly, we open up new possibilities for innovation and user engagement across platforms and devices.

Partnership and Innovation

Choosing Altered Digital for your API development means partnering with a team dedicated to unlocking your digital solutions' full potential. Let us help you pave the way for future growth and collaboration in your digital landscape, ensuring you stay ahead in the evolving world of technology.

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